HP ALM/HPQC – How to uninstall the QC/ALM client components

HP ALM/HPQC – How to uninstall the QC/ALM client components

Supported version: 10, 11.0, 11.52

An uninstall utility has been developed for Quality Center (QC)/ Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) that supersedes all previous uninstallation methods.

The utility will automatically detect all QC/ALM installations that currently exist on the client machine and it will provide options in which versions to remove.  The utility can also do a “full cleanup” where all QC/ALM related artifacts including common registry settings and files will be removed from the target computer.

The utility can be run in both UI mode and command line mode. The utility includes an integrated help with usage instructions including options/switches for the command line mode.

Note: Doing a full cleanup or removing the common installation of QC/ALM client will remove the connectivity components of ALM.  This will break tools that rely on the connectivity components such as testing tools and custom components.


Link to download the utility

Uninstall Utility

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