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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basically, anyone wants to extract test cases from MicroFocus/HP ALM. No technical skills are required to extract test cases from MicroFocus/HP ALM (such as coding, sql, macro)

  • The ALM client registration on your MicroFocus/HP ALM client machine.
  • MS Excel 2010 or higher version

To work with other MicroFocus/HP testing tools as well as third-party and custom tools, MicroFocus/HP ALM must be registered on client machines.

MicroFocus/HP ALM Client Registration enables you to deploy and register the MicroFocus/HP ALM Client components on a client machine.

No, this utility does not require local PC admin rights to run/execute this tool (basically no installation required).

The Test Case Export utility supports the following MicroFocus/HP ALM version
• 11.00

• 11.52

• 12.xx

• 15.xx

The ‘Trial’ license allows user to export first 100 lines in excel sheet. The ‘Full’ license is required to export unlimited test cases/data.

Yes, you can download test cases from Test Plan module

User can download test cases using the following three options:
• Select a test cases folder from ‘Test Plan’ folder structure
• By specifying the test case folder path (full path from root folder) - User can specify
multiple folder paths using comma separated
• By specifying the test case ID(s) - User can specify multiple test case ids comma separated

Not using this current version.
However, we have a proven ‘full extract’ solution for HP/MicroFocus ALM (test management tool).
Our ‘full extract’ solution includes many additional features. Such as,
• Exporting test instances (from ‘TEST LAB’) with execution results (includes Expected and
Actual results) – with attachments and many more such as history, run number and etc
• Exporting test cases (from ‘TEST PLAN’) with attachments
• Exporting defects with attachments

If you need more details, please contact our friendly support team via support@tritusa.com.au for further details.

Yes, utility supports ‘Call to Test’ functionality (test case within a test case)

Select the check box ‘Select Columns’ (Step 4) to fill rows with test case header details. So, you can filter test cases using test case name or any other test case header information.

License cost: USD 250.00 per annum (per seat license)

We have secure checkout option with ‘PayPal’. Which gives the following two options:
• PayPal account
• Pay with a Card (any standard Credit Card/Debit Card)

Yes, you can.
Please contact our support team via support@tritusa.com.au to assist you on this  requirement.

Version 2.0

Yes, it is very secure to run this EXE.
Please note, we have more than 400+ active clients using this utility.

Please contact our friendly support team via support@tritusa.com.au