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We offer a wide range of testing services to customers based on domain, technology and business solutions. Our experienced professionals believe in providing high quality testing, deliverable in a reasonable time span and at low cost.

Quality assurance and testing are two of the most critical components in maintaining a competitive edge. We believe that proactive QA is the key to cost savings, decreased risks, and successful software projects. Tritusa blends cutting edge practices and skilled resources with a sharp testing mindset to deliver value for the testing dollar.

Tritusa Consulting ensures a unique service that will allow clients to concentrate on their actual business and be confident that the software testing & quality side is being looked after.

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Making test automation realise its full potential not only requires the deployment of appropriate tools, but also the identification.


Tritusa offers a range of services to help you understand and improve the performance of your systems.

Tool Support

The use of test tools can substantially improve the quality, efficiency, scope and performance of the test process in your company.

Test Management

Tritusa offers its clients test management services to provide, support and improve all aspects of testing and quality.

SAP Test

SAP tend to be highly complex High level of integration of SAP applications means that processes are becoming increasingly prone.

Offshore Testing

Tritusa’s offshore testing team provides clients with a dedicated team for QA and testing throughout the software development lifecycle.

Value Added

Customers today are looking for more than traditional staffing models, where the resource supplier is solely responsible for supplying people.

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