Performance Testing

Tritusa offers a range of services to help you understand and improve the performance of your system


Tritusa offers a range of services to help you understand and improve the performance of your systems. The Tritusa performance testing solutions suit all needs, ranging from advisory and managerial to test execution and performance optimisation. The expertise of Tritusa will ensure that your application is ready, responsive and reliable when you need it to be.

How We Do It

Do These Situations Sound Familiar


  • Application crashes every now and then – nobody understands why”
  • “End users can’t process orders as quickly as they should”
  • “The system performs badly at peak times, just when we need it most”
how we do it

Tritusa’s Performance Services Include


  • Advisory services to analyse and implement process improvements to ensure that non-functional requirements are built into your project quality criteria
  • Measurement and Simulation services to help you model future performance of live systems and help with capacity planning
  • Project Test Execution to conduct performance testing on development projects, in order to mitigate the risks of deploying poorly performing systems
  • Managerial services to operate performance services in your organisation, either as part of a project or in a Centre of Excellence
  • Technology Solutions to provide advice and assets for the performance testing of specific technologies, such as .NET, J2EE, Oracle, SAP and Citrix.
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Evaluating Performance Test Tools


The performance test tools available differ in many ways such as functionality, cost, ease of use, support services, environments, technologies and protocols supported.

Some are specialised for particular applications. For example, HP SAP LoadRunner is adapted and extended specifically for performance testing SAP implementations. So if you’re selecting a testing tool, contact us and our performance testing specialists can help you in the evaluation and selection of the tool that provides best value for your situation.

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The Customer’s Benefits Of Tritua Performance Testing


  • Tritusa provides the specialists for performance testing
  • Scalable procedures and projects
  • Knowledge about the bottlenecks in your systems, both today and in the future when usage increases
  • Better performance, i.e. better acceptance of your system in production

Tritusa Performance Testing help you understand and improve the performance of your systems throughout the software lifecycle.

How we do it

Tritusa Performance Testing Gives, Your Business Further Benefit


  • Reduces risk – giving you full confidence that your system can be deployed without issues and will perform optimally when your business needs it most.
  • Supports business growth – allowing you to accurately plan for the future with confidence that your system can support your key growth targets.
  • Improves quality – ensuring a high-quality user experience, with users empowered to improve their performance.
  • Guarantees compliance – proving that your software and systems will meet all mandatory regulation and service level agreements.

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