Test Automation

Making test automation realise its full potential not only requires the deployment of appropriate tools


Making test automation realise its full potential not only requires the deployment of appropriate tools, but also the identification of the most appropriate methodology and the collaboration of skilled personnel. Meeting these requirements will deliver significant business benefits to your company, including decreased test costs, increased test throughput, and enhanced quality.

How We Do It

Test Automation Challenges


There are hundreds of ways to implement test automation, but very few lead to profitability in the long term.

Every organization that implements test automation needs to define a test automation strategy and the framework that will support it. Tritusa Test Labs has developed a very efficient and profitable test automation strategy. We’ve developed utilities to support this strategy with what we call the Test Automation Optimizer. This is the mechanism that supports the possibility to reduce test automation maintenance by 30% to 50%. 

how we do it

Our Approach

We identify the tool that best suits a customer’s needs with the ultimate aim of helping them gain a positive return on investment.

Tritusa views test automation as a mini software development initiative and will create an overall framework design before scripting commences. This ensures long term system maintainability and reuse of test scripts where feasible.

We have developed automation solutions for the following technologies in the past.

  • Web (.Net & Java)
  • SAP (Using Test Accelerator and Optimizer (TAO) & Business
  • Process Testing (BPT))
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Power Builder
  • PDF
  • Flex

The Customer’s Benefits of Tritua Test Automation

How we do it

Improved Quality And Reduced Risk


  • Significantly increases test coverage.
  • Reduces undetected defects.
  • Leads to a more rigorous testing process.
  • Increases testing and test reporting consistency.
  • Renders greater visibility on the application level of quality.
  • Provides easier release Go / No-Go decisions.
how we do it


Reduced Cost


  • Requires fewer resources to fix defects because they are found much sooner.
  • Reduces test redundancy because of a more rigorous testing process.
  • Requires fewer resources to effectively test the application.
  • Drastically reduces test execution costs.
  • Reduces global testing costs.
  • Reduces emergency development and testing due to higher quality releases.
  • Tritusa’s distinctive approach minimizes the short-term cost and longer-term cost of developing mature testing capabilities.
How we do it

Improved Time-to-Market And Scalability


  • Achieves faster test cycles due to best practices in test strategy, planning and communication.
  • Reduces test execution effort by 20-25 times.
  • Results in lower overall development time due to reduced recalls and post-release fixes.
  • Maximizes scalability of testing expertise for increasing workload.
how we do it


Improved Productivity


  • Increases test case standardization.
  • Improves test case preparation & maintenance speed with test components reusability.
  • Accelerates the capture and maintenance of test case documentation.
  • Maintains the highest auality standards

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